“The ‘free-access’ models that comprise the current digital services paradigm, undermine end-user sovereignty, and increase the susceptibility to infringements upon the security and privacy data associated with their personal identity.”

Konrad Rauscher - Co-Author, EXOCHAIN White Paper

Mission Critical
When secure handling of identifying data is mission critical, turn to EXOCHAIN. Our patent-pending technology delivers the highest standard for secure custody and care of critical data, for many of the world’s toughest use cases.

Exclusive Stakeholder Partner
Take Control Of Your Data
Our protocols make it possible for you to RECORD legal ownership and control of your critical data even as it is used beyond the walls of your organizations, enabling it to be handed down through generations of estates. Our EDI-like interfaces interlock blockchain based smart-contracts making intentional data protections legally binding upon all parties.
A new standard
The modern digital world has already outgrown existing sovereign-identity management solutions. Introducing Odentity™, the new standard for jurisdictionally SCORING identity to achieve court enforcable, legal standing for smart-contract PARTIES globally.
We PROTECT your data, and both the people and organizations that contribute to it and use it. We mitigate RISK with intrinsic legal and regulatory frameworks that help to ensure outside-auditable COMPLIANCE so you don’t have to.
Blockchain Partners
Developed by the brightest technical, business, and legal minds, the EXO will be a US-based, globally compliant, ERC20 utility token.

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